Welcome! Delivering world class 3D Printing/Rapid Prototyping solutions to a global market

We are specialists in 3D printing, rapid prototyping, metal plating of plastic parts, wind tunnel testing & consultancy.

Here at 3D-Parts Ltd/TMG, we understand that quality is paramount to succeed but costs and time to market must be competitive

We provide The highest quality services utilising the latest technology

From design, to prototyping, testing and consultancy - 3D-Parts Ltd/TMG provide the highest quality products and services, utilising the latest technology and expertise, tailored to suit your requirements.

Our people 3D-Parts Ltd along with TMG have a wealth of experience and knowledge

Andy Allshorn - having been involved with the industry for over 20 years, is a leading authority worldwide on 3D Printing and its various applications.

Scott Doe - Senior Designer at Williams F1 for over 17 years and Technical Director of a 3D Printing bureau, his experience and expertise is well placed to understand the requirements of the customer.

TMG personnel - from Formula 1, Le Mans, World Rally vehicles to Electric/Hybrid vehicles TMG have a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

  • 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping

    3D Printing

    At 3D-Parts Ltd we have the latest technology available. From SLA, SLS, FDM to DMLS. Various materials to choose from including DSM Nanotool, Watershed to EOS PA 3200GF, Carbonmide, Inconel to name just a few

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  • Parts and Development

    Parts & Development

    From manufacture of parts 3D-Parts Ltd can go on to fully develop the project with the vast testing facilities available @ TMG. 3D-Parts Ltd can offer full machine shop facilities with the latest technology, Carbon fibre facility with full size autoclaves, Injection moulded parts etc.

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  • Metal Plating of plastic parts

    Metal Plating

    Specifically developed for plastic parts produced using 3D printing or additive manufacturing technologies. Plating parameters can be adjusted to suit the application at hand, to achieve the required layer thickness and metal finish.

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  • Testing & Consultancy

    Full testing facilities are available ranging from Windtunnel (full car size) to various testing rigs ranging from Transmission, Suspension, Cooling etc.

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3D-Parts Ltd

3D-Parts Ltd is a specialist, UK based company who provide a range of market leading 'Rapid Prototyping' applications and services to many businesses, industries and organisations worldwide, in particular automotive, including the highly demanding and competitive world of Formula 1 racing.

We coordinate the design, development, manufacture and supply of many parts and products utilising 3D printing, rapid prototyping technology, carbon composite and injection moulded parts, including metal plating of plastic parts, complimented with consultancy and full testing facilities.

Our technical team boasts a wealth of experience and technical expertise within our industry, throughout which we have proudly built a solid reputation, offering the ability to deliver world class products and services of any size, on time and within budget - vital to today's competitive market.

For further information on our services, materials and process options, or to discuss your specific requirements, please telephone us on 01635 34069 or email: sdoe@3dpartsltd.co.uk


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